Frequently Asked Questions

Donahue in Grafton is a full-service CPA firm

Why should I choose Donahue & Associates LLC?

Answer: At Donahue & Associates, we are a full-service CPA firm. We can provide compilations, reviews, and audits of your financial information. We handle accounting, payroll, and all aspects of your tax needs. We work with individual tax clients, single owner businesses and small, medium and larger corporations. We have many years of experience with banking needs and requirements. We will provide you a partner and consultant to help your decision making process so you are able to make more correct decisions faster and easier. Donahue & Associates has a team of members ready to guide you through the complex world of individual and business taxation as well as all the financial aspects of your personal or business needs. We are your one stop CPA firm.

What are the fees for our services?

Answer: Our general fee is $200.00 per hour. A basic individual tax return with minimum schedules range from 300-450 dollars. Business fees are based on the scope of the work to be performed. We offer a complimentary initial consultation to determine our fee in advance. Donahue & Associates LLC does not charge for general phone calls or emails.

What type of experience do you have?

Answer: Our team consists of CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Senior, Payroll, & Staff Accountants willing to assist you with all of your accounting and income tax needs. We are qualified to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and State Taxing Agencies. Donahue & Associates LLC has well over one hundred fifty years of combined experience in Public Accounting. Our entire staff regularly exceeds the requirements of continuing education. You will be assigned to one of our staff members who will help you navigate the complex world of accounting and tax.

Why should I chose a CPA?

Is this a scam

How can you help my business?

Answer: Donahue & Associates LLC provides experienced staff to help you understand and manage your own finances better. We provide fast, correctly analyzed information that will allow you to make more informed and timely decisions. We are available to you year round and have extended hours which include nights and weekends during income tax season.

What type of clients do you serve?

Answer: Donahue & Associates LLC serve a variety of clients such as manufacturing, medical professionals, retail establishments, restaurants, construction contractors, engineers, mechanics, and landscapers just to name a few. We work with individual tax clients, all businesses, including various partnerships and privately held companies. We are Quick Books pro advisors. We offer consulting, Quick Book Services, notary public, business start-up, tax planning and complete payroll processing. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you.

What should I bring?

Answer – as applicable:
1) Previous years tax return.
2) All copies of W-2, 1099 and K-1 Forms.
3) Year-end lender loan statement form 1098, settlement sheets regarding refinanced or property purchased or property sold during the year.
4) Form 1099 reporting all mutual fund and stock sales for the year as well as purchase date and cost information.
5) Form 1099 reporting unemployment, state tax refunds, social security, gambling, retirement distribution and rollovers.
6) Name, address and identification numbers of all childcare providers.
7) All correspondence from IRS and State tax authorities.
8) Anything else you consider maybe helpful